1.答题前请预先撕下Answer Sheet,并在Answer Sheet上分别填好自己的班级、学号、姓名。在答题卡的左上角写上所在班级,如A2班等。



4.请将所有的答案都写Answer Sheet和答题卡上,写在试题册上的答案为无效答案。如果Answer Sheet不够用,在背面书写。请勿自己填页。

5考试时间为2个小时。考试结束后,以班级为单位上交答题卡和Answer Sheet,请将Answer Sheet对折,并将答题卡夹在Answer Sheet中,一起交上,试题册单独交。请在监考人员点好所有卷纸后再离开。(Jan 08)


Part I  Error Detection (15 points, 1 points per choice)

Directions: Each of the following sentences has four blackened parts marked [A], [B], [C], and [D]. Identify the one which is wrong and mark the corresponding letter on the CARD. (You do not have to correct the errors.)

1. When Silvia Geraci goes out to dinner with friend[A], she has a flash of anxiety[B] when the check comes. She can pay her share[C] — her parents give her enough money to cover[D] all her expenses.


2. Poised[A] on the brink of what should be a bright future, Geraci and millions like her face a thorough [B] modern truth: it’s hard to feel like[C] a Master of the Universe when[D] you’re sleeping in your old twin bed.


3. Whether[A] it’s reconverting the guest room back into a bedroom, to pay[B] for graduate school, writing a blizzard[C] of small checks to cover rent and health-insurance premiums or acting as career counselors, parents across[D] the country are trying to provide their twentysomethings with the tools they’ll need to be self-sufficient — someday.


4. For their part, these overgrown[A] kids seem content[B] to enjoy the protection of his[C] parents as they drift from adolescence[D] to early adulthood.


5. Mr. McKee, who have[A] made a healthy living off[B] this market for a decade, specializes[C] in “Story Structure”, the title of his course which[D] is billed as the “world’s ultimate story class”.


6. Campus career counselors report being flooded with calls from parents anxious to participate[A] in their college senior’s job search. Last fall the U.S. Navy began sending[B] letters described[C] their programs to potential[D] recruits — and their parents.